Other Websites that inspire me

So after looking at a wide verity of websites, I still wasn’t set on a style or design that really inspired me to start work in my website, so I decided that I should do some further and deeper research to find what I was after. So my Primary search was just to go to google and see what website designs and styles caught my eye purely on aesthetics. All the design that I chose have a pretty similar colour palette and layout style.

While looking at these designs I discovered that I really like the menu bar being at the top where as before I thought I would like it at the side of the webpage however for me the design seems to work better at the top. What I also really like about these designs is have a  big centre image on the front of the home page. For me this really catches my attention as the visual communication is drawing me in as I’m interested to see what the image is and what it tells me about the website. For graphic design websites it varies between having a photograph or a piece of their work as a centre image, for my website I will have to experiment with what works well for the design and if its compatible with the software I’m using. Looking at these websites really gave me a clear idea on what I wanted to achieve with the layout and overall style, however I then thought that maybe I should look at other websites that have been created with Adobe Muse to see how well they have turned out and how capable the software is at producing high quality websites and also discover if it would be able to produce the style of website that I want to make.

All four websites above have been created and published by Adobe muse. These designs are quite good and follow the design and layout that I want to achieve. It’s not to the same high quality as the other websites I looked at however now I know what quality to expect when I start creating my website in muse. What I do like about all four websites is the big image that is placed on the front of the home page, the menus work well with the rest of the page and the bottom right one has a slide show where it flicks through different images. I really like this idea and I’m considering to use it in my own website design. Both black and white images work well and I really like the use of the social media icons on the website on the bottom left. I think they look modern and sleek with really fits in with the whole website design. Before making some sketches I think I’m going to do some search into some website design theories to see if there are specific layouts that target curtain audiences etc.


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