Logo Designs

So while in the process of sketching and designing I discovered that to make my website as professional as possible so I took to Pinterest. I looked at so many styles but I just couldn’t find anything I liked  or suited my website sketches, so I started doing lots of sketches that I thought worked well with my designs.

FullSizeRender 4I wanted to have something that could be used repeatedly on various digital media so it had to be more of an icon than lots of words. I really liked the combination of words and symbols however it just started to look really busy. I then I thought maybe I could be really clever and make a symbol/ logo by using my initials to create this pattern, however I found this quite hard and I was also spending way too much time on this one idea, so I moved on to something else. Then I taught of having an icon that symbolised graphic design in some way for example a geometrical pencil or something similar. As you can see on the left page I did many sketches and ideas that support this. I kept doing sketch after sketch until I found the one I really liked then made it into a digital copy .

logoThis was the final design I came up with. What I really liked about this design was the circle that surrounded the actual design as it makes it into the icon that I wanted.I think It will look good on my website or as a profile picture on Facebook or Instagram. It multi-functional and really suits it’s purpose. The next thing I want to do in this project is look at colour schemes and some colour theories like complementary colours etc.


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