Design theory for Web Design

I was really interested to see if there were any theories about web design and the logic behind the designing process, so I went onto the internet and started researching about these theories and I came across one website that I found very helpful and interesting and it talks about how the audience sees design and talks about a theory called ” The Gestalt principle”.

Gestalt is a german word that means”essence or shape of an entity’s complete form”, and apparently this definition could be one of the most import rules in design.

Usually web designer focus on working on the websites details rather than the over all look of the websites design. They focus on curves, type of fonts used and the use of drop shadows etc, however what most people don’t know is that the brain first sees the overall shape of any design, then starts to focus on and see the detail. So there is no point focusing on small details if the client or audience isn’t even interested by the fist glance. The design of a website is never recognised by identifying curtain parts for example header, navigation and buttons etc, the design is interpreted as a whole by the first look. This is why it is so important to grab the audience attention by catching their eye.

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Here is a quote that I took from the website as I thought that it made sense and that is good to remember for future projects or when self evaluating my work. ““if you see a design, like it, then decide to work on adjusting details, then you know it’s a good design, however if you start to adjust first to try to make yourself like it… then you know it’s a bad design… don’t waste your time trying to fix it… just change it as a whole”.

The reason I found this so inspiring as many times when creating designs I find myself spending hours changing the design and still not liking it, and there comes a time where you just have to drop that idea and move on and I think this sums it up really nicely and as a designer inspires and encourages me.

Another tip I learnt was how to plan the layout of your website without adding in small detail and one way of doing it is like this:

By drawing and using basic shapes and silhouettes it can give you perspective and can make editing and develop easier plus it allows you to see if you like the layout before spending endless time adding all the detail. This is also a good way to show clients how much develop their website has gone through and they can also ask of they like they layout before again adding detail. This is such as good idea and I intend to this in sketching stages before making my digital copy of my website.

This was so intriguing,inspiring and I have learnt so much about the layout and design of making websites. I now know that the audience judge their opinion based on one glance of the overall shape and design so I will focus on that more rather than the small things.I’m so glad I did this bit of research as I will use this in other projects and will help me later on in my design career.

Website reference:–webdesign-1756


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