Tims lesson part 2

In Tim’s next tutorial we learnt how to make a parallax website using muse. We created a new document however this time it was much longer than the previous website we made. We had also been given specific images and text that we needed to include as this was a group tutorial to help us get to learn the muse software. So the first thing we did was upload the all the photographs of the landscapes as this is what the website was about. Once they had been uploaded we played around with the slide show settings the started placing them in the right place. As you can see from the image on the far right we had to have one image then a white square to get the scrolling effect (Parallax website). Having even spaces makes the website look smoother in transactions when scrolling and makes it look more professional when text and other images appear. Having many layers makes the process easier especially making something a complicated as this. It makes editing easier and if you have go back and change something it makes it easier to find the element that need editing.

Once the main layout of the website had been made it was time to add the information and additional photographs to support each page. I created a main menu bar which I included links so when clicked it automatically takes you to the assigned page e.g. Canada and Switzerland. From the images above you can see the layout of the website and how it work is when you scroll down at first you see the home page saying discover. As you scroll down further images of landscapes will appear relating the locations mentioned on the website, then there will appear information about each country.


Over all I enjoyed learning a new technique and this gives me another option on what style to create my own website. I think visually that this style is highly effective and might make people more interested as it’s quite different. The images worked well and this gives me a chance to make my website more interactive. The next step for me is to start doing some sketches that will suit the need of my website and see what technique will work well with the sketches I have come up with. This has been a learning curve for me and will help me in the future for other projects that might be ahead.


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