Light maker workshop

So today we had a workshop with a web design/digital media agency based in Tunbridge Wells called Light maker. We started off by learning all about the different companies they have worked for such as Disney, Sony, J.K. Rowling etc. One company that they have done lots of work for is World of Tanks. Our task was to in groups create a website/front page that would get people to sign up to the game and get them interested. In our group we came up with ideas and suggestions and started doing some sketches and showed each other than worked together to see what would work better and how we could improve it.

So after that we had to start doing mock-up pages of the website, only using pen. As you can see from the images above these are the original ideas we came up with. Our idea was to advertise these events that included playing the games which you could win quite a bit of money, this was I main aim as we thought it would intrigue people if they thought playing a free game could earn them money. We also wanted to include a feature where they could search for events close to them or in the area where they live, so this was included into the design. The original idea was that each person would work on a page each, however the first page of the website was so detailed that we had two people on the home page then the other two worked on additional pages.

Here are final designs, there should be another page however I forgot to take a photo of it. So here we have the front cover, the idea behind this is that when you open the website the first thing you will see is a brick wall then suddenly a tank will break through it as demonstrated in the image then it will reveal the information about the gaming event and how to play for free in the dead centre of the page. The broken brick wall effect down the edges continues throughout the whole design to give the website continuity and make it flow better and we also wanted to give it an industrial effect and keeping in the ww2 style.

Over all I’m really happy with how our design turned out, however I feel like if we had a bit more time we could have developed and polished the idea better although I do realise that sometimes in this industry you don’t always get a lot of time to do that and it could be a quick turn around in the making and design stages. What I also learnt from this workshop was dealing with clients requests and ideas and how to guide them with design ideas however at the end of the day they are paying so you have to do what the client wants. This has really helped me and opened my eyes in what its like working in this industry , this was valuable information that we were lucky to be told about in a very interesting workshop.


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