Target audience

The target audience for my website design will mostly be artists and designer who are interested in my own work and what I do. It will also depend how I design my layout for the website for example the use of imagery, visual techniques and interactive parts to my website. By using these techniques this maybe more appealing to curtain type of audience. I want my design to be simple but effective with a clean and sleek look which, i think will look more professional and will be taken more seriously. I want to upload images of my own work which will also tell my audience what my style of design is like. Ways in which I can make sure that my website is making it clear and easy to understand and also making it readable will make it more appealing to my target audience. I don’t want to overwhelm them with too much information and text, by making my website heavily image based will give my design more appeal and will draw people in more as they don’t want to read loads of text. I will consider these ideas when designing and making sketches of my web design.



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