Design Company Websites task

With this website I really liked to layout and how the colour scheme really helped compliment the design style. I really like how the menu bar is down the side rather than at the top of the page and also how the website contains more visual aspects and less writing. I think that this web page is visually pleasing due to the mixture of images that are all the same size which gives the website a clean and sharp look .The thumbnail photos change by fading which is something I could consider for my own website.  Also the main colour of the website is yellow which can symbolise many things such as freshness, happiness, positivity, energy and optimism so due to the colour  choice of the designers they have managed to give their website a positive and uplifting feel meaning that their audience will be more intrigued. The typography along-side the layout and colour choice worked really well, the typography used on this web page is a serif font as I think this gives the page some detail to a very simplistic design. Another thing what I liked about this website are the social media icons at the bottom of the yellow bar as they are so simple however can redirect your audience to other platforms of your work.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at

This web page was a bit different from the previous one I looked at, this has very limited colour pallet as it is only black and white really. This can give a really good effect or can sometimes go the other way, however some black and white websites can look more professional and sleek. There are small elements of colour featured on this website and I actually think it works quite well with this layout. The placement and size of the images work well together and the spacing gives the page a clear and spacious feel. I can see that the designer has really  thought this layout and design out as the home page especially is really important as it’s all about first impressions. Different to the other web page as the menu bar is at the top at the page rather than the side.


This website is very different as it contains like a tiled collage of all their work on their home page. There is very limited information on the home page however there is a menu bar on the top left hand corner that goes down vertical. It not as big as the Carter wrong website however the style is still the same. I’m not too keen on this website design as somehow I don’t think it flows well and it could be presented better. Also I don’t really like the font choice either as even though it’s interesting I don’t think it goes well with the whole design of the website. I wouldn’t use this in my own design as this style doesn’t interest me or shows what my style of design.


Again this is very similar to the studio design and why not associates web pages however I like this design a more than the studio design website as I prefer the layout and the font. The thick font works really well with the titled images and the colour scheme. When you hover over the images the writing changes and the block colour titles change colour, this is quite a simple technique however it is quite effective and things like that really intrigue an audience. Again the menu bar is featured at the top of the page, which for this design works really well and continues the same font which means the website has continuity and has a sort of flow to the design. I also think the colour scheme works well, grey black and white. This is something I could consider for my own web design for layout and text placement.


This website is very minimal and includes lots of imagery, mainly photographs. This design is very plain with less text, the menu bar appears at the top of the page with the company logo in the top left. This is really clear and easy to read and understand, the images of work in the background changes every minuet or so, showing a portfolio of their work. This also included drop down boxes from the main menu box, these lead you to further information about the artist or the company. Also includes the social media icons that I find quite useful, as this can link people to further sites where your work is advertised. Semiotics wise, the colours used and more pastel colours giving the feel of calmness and peace which is a good vibe for a digital platform. This could be appealing for many people and may draw more attention to the site. These techniques are what I need to consider when designing and creating my own website. This web pages background is actual a slide show off all their work being advertised as a home page, this is a clever technique plus it gives the audience straight away what style your design is like and will make a first impression more appealing.


I really dislike the design and layout for this website. There are many things that I see that don’t work well together or that the design and layout just don’t work out. Firstly I really don’t like the colour scheme, it’s too dull and the two colours chosen just don’t compliment each other well at all. The colours also clash with the colours used in the photographs, some people may really like the colours however personally I wouldn’t consider using this for my own website. I also dislike the box layout with the read out line with text in boxes in the corners. This design does not flow or have a sleek look to it. The white against the background colour doesn’t work as it makes the text unclear to read. For me there is no wow factor to this design, however this has helped me with my design and making process as I now know what I don’t want my website to look like. The text doesn’t match the design style and over all the quality of the website is just poor. Looking at these websites is really helping me discover a style what I really like and what aspects I should or shouldn’t include in my design. Looking into semiotics, the colours used are quite dark which could portray the website as dull and boring meaning less interest from the audience. Semiotics within  a design are very important as it’s all about how people interpret things in different ways.


I really liked this website as the design was clean, simple but also highly effective. I saw many brands on this website that I recognise which also fit perfectly with the style and layout of this website. There are a mixture of illustrations and photographs which I think works well as shows a wider range of digital media. The menu bar being at the top also works well with the design as well as the simplistic colours scheme. Due to there being a big variety of brands being advertised using loads of different colours that I can see that the designer has chosen the colour scheme of white, black and grey as then it would work with any imagery. The font is nice but not too over complicated which works well alongside the layout and overall design. Also including drop down boxes giving you more information about the products. I really like it and I will defiantly take some of this information on board and add some of this into my own website design.


I found the design of this website quite confusing, the images in the background kept moving however as I saw it not relevant to the website. At first the menu doesn’t appear which again I found confusing, then I discovered that you needed to click on the background image for it to appear. On the front page there is no information about the website and if that were me I would come straight off it and find a different one. When I then clicked on the works panel I saw that the designs were better and actually the work was really good. From this website I learnt that using too many transformations and fancy animations can losing the audiences interest as sometimes they want a design that is fairly simple and gets them the information they need.

Looking at all these different website has certainly been a really good starting point for this project and will then help to develop my research further. I think I can now tell between good and bad website design although I’m sure that more research is needed. I can also tell that choice and sizing of images is really important and that they must fit and suit the design style and layout.


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