Intro into Website and Ethics

Begun to understand computer applications and their creative use.Website=    website design & Design for digital media

Hand In = 17th march (website) 

Ethics=     Design for digital media & Visual communication/ GD type

Hand In= 28th march  (Poster) 

Preparing and collecting images of my own work to upload onto my website, so when the design is ready I can upload my own designs to the website.

Learning outcomes: For the Website

Demonstrate an understanding of the structure and function of internet designs, browser functions and web page publishing. 

Considering the aesthetics and practical issues concerning web page design, including navigation, image preparation and issues regarding the end-user and accessibility. 

Designed, Planned, built, tested and evaluated a set of functioning web pages. 

Evidenced Knowledge of how to manage and organise the pages and relevant components of a website. 

Further developed and widened their generic practical and creative graphic design skills, specifically (screen based) page layout and typography.

Developed good practise in form of file management and organisation.

Designed planned and built graphics in relation to specific briefs. 


Design and digital media module

Produced and developed an understanding of current digital media concepts and technologies. 

Developed an understanding of the components of a multi-media production and how they interact. 

Developed their communication skills through the media of text and image.

Developed research skills relevant to the themes of the module.

Developed skills of research, resource utilisation, problem solving and decision-making. 

Begun to develop design skills combining various disciplines and media.

Developed their ability to communicate in oral written and visual formats. 






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