Fear and Love and Designs of the year exhibition work

fullsizerender-copyThe digital media used in this exhibition was put together very well. Many parts of both exhibitions were digitally related. Two thing in the fear and love exhibition about digital media was the shed with all the tv screens playing different videos making different sounds with in this plastic shed type thing. What I really liked about this piece was how rustic and some how foreign hut contain something very contrasting like digital screens. It contained bamboo which is probably why I thought it looked foreign.  It was so contrasting and I loved how the sound bumped off the walls and the different sounds produced was just incredible. In the designs of the year exhibition also showed the use of digital media however not as main pieces as much however were shown alongside the finished designs by means of tablets and screens. These mostly showed the product being used or experts telling you about the product and whats so good about it. Digital media was used well in both exhibitions and without the exhibitions wouldn’t have been as informative or interactive.

The design communication I thought was strong throughout the exhibitions. In the fear and love exhibition, the communication was very visual and aesthetically pleasing. I think that the exhibition communicated the work to the audience was by having very visual pieces of art that really got the audience think which were also interactive and moved. There was robots that moved and followed you as you walked, many videos which took place in littles huts and buildings made out of interesting materials and bright colourful objects which were pleasing to the eye. These factors of communication really help indulge   the audience and help communicate the meaning of each piece of work. The design of the year exhibition was in my eyes all about communication as these products have been made to help the world and in doing so they need to communicate how and why this will benefit us in the future. They communicated this to us by showing examples on tables, letting use and touch the products which obviously gives us interest. It was also intriguing to see what future technology and design holds for us and maybe for us as graphic designers will need to change as well.

I feel like as a designer of the future I will have to compete with this level of design and will need to be more socially aware of what my design can do for the future and what impact it might have on the environment. Both exhibitions gave me this impression that design is changing and us as designers will have to as well. The things that inspired me were designs that gave an interesting but important message however at the same time this worried me as it hit me that this could be our future. I thought the designs of the future made me feel empowered and interested however I  can see that future design is going to be monitored by what the future holds showing that future design is uncertain and that kind of worries me as a future graphic designer.


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