mock ups

img_9586This was my first mock-up, I did have another one however I lost the photograph. This was originally a test print which I then turned into  a mock-up. This fitted very well however I was worried as the paper I was going to print on for the final print was very different and I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. With this mock up I was able to see what my design looked like on an actual book. I was really pleased with how it looked and the layout of the whole design. By seeing this mock up I was happy confident to print for the real copy. However my cutting skills aren’t great so I was also quite nervous about mucking it up so I printed two final copies just in case.


This was my final copy of the Investigating Love book. I was really happy with how it turned out, the paper worked really well with the colours on the design and gave it that professional look. To cut this out I forgot to add cropping marks when exporting from Indesign however I managed to score and cut using a light box. On the back of the page I drew straight lines where I was going to score the paper with a scalpel. The edges of the book I used a guillotine to get straight precise edges. The measurements of the book were spot on and the jacket fitted perfectly around my book. The thing that worried me the most is when printing the computer changes the scale so I manually set it to 100 % to make sure all the measurements were accurate. The mock-up stage is very exciting as your able to see what you’ve achieve and you get to see the end product, it can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment, also its work to add to your portfolio.



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