Making Process

So for this part I didn’t take as many screen shots as I was so in the zone when making it that I forgot.

screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-10-32-19This is the final design that I came up with in illustrator . I really looked at those books that inspired me and how their designs were so effect and I wanted to apply this to my own work. I also needed to keep all the thing that s normal penguin book would use including the penguin logo. I did some research to see if penguin science books had a specific colour but I couldn’t find one. Originally the background colour was grey however I thought this made the design look boring and lacked interest to the audience. I played around with colour then I thought that a duck egg green kind of colour would work well. I used the previous scientific symbol that I used on the other designs as I still liked it and I thought it worked well with the design and style. I have included all the features that needed to be on the front cover. The font matched the ones from the penguin books I looked at and I also left a white border at the top and the bottom of the page as I though the composition worked well and I didn’t want the green to fill the whole page, wanted some separation. Once I had made this I realised that it wasn’t to the correct measurements and that I also needed to design the spine and back cover. So I took this document into Indesign and started adding in the measurements.

screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-11-05-07Here was the next version of the book jacket.This is what I created in Indesign. The whole document was made to the correct size. I placed the front cover in from illustrator then started to create the spine and back cover. I used the same font throughout which I used on the spine and back cover. The spine design was very simple, it was just the title, the author’s name and the penguin logo. The logo had to be a specific size, 7mm x 10 mm. Also the logo need to be in the same place and aligned throughout the jacket. As you can see from the image all three logos are aligned and the same size. Then I moved on the to back cover. I first stared off with placement of the blurb and the reviews. After putting them in the right place the next thing I wanted to add was a bar code. We didn’t have to add one however I thought the page looked empty and needed something else at the bottom of the page. I took a picture of the barcode off my own book and opened it up in illustrator. I then image traced it then opened it up in Photoshop where I then cropped and removed the background. Along side the barcode I stated what publisher it was, what type of book it was and how much it cost. Quite a few books do that so I included it into my design. However once I had saved and printed it off as a test print I realised that I hadn’t included folds to stick inside of the book. So I had to go back to the document and do some editing.

screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-11-04-33Finally after many versions of this design the final version was finished. I decided to put the reviews on one of the inside sleeve, as I’ve seen this been done before in a variety of books. Overall I was impressed on how my original ideas developed and how they finally turned into this. The development stage is quite rewarding as you can see the stages of each design and development until it finally shows the fished product. I also shows the process and development of you as a designer and how you deal with problems and solve them. In this project we’ve had no help from Sancha or Tim so this has been a completely independent project which I really enjoyed but at the same time fund quite stressful due to the short time period.



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