Books that Inspired me and layout

After being stuck with designs and layout I decided to do some more research into new and existing penguin books for layout and design inspiration. Here some book designs and layout that really inspired me for the next stage of the process.

So here some books that I really like the layout and style. The font through the books is the same showing consistency. I researched what font was used on these books and it was TeX Gyre Adventure. Even though all the layouts are slightly different they still show continuity through the text and colour scheme. I really wanted my design to look like one of these and this is also a penguin books which I have seen many of in the library and I’ve used them during my GCSE’s. The books use a combination of illustration and photography. I think in some cases illustration is used for fiction and photography is used for non-fiction although this doesn’t always seem to apply. With inspiration I went back to my designs and started incorporating this style into my designs and making it fit to the brief. By going back and doing further research will really have helped my design as I want it to be the best it can be and without this extra bit of research I don’t think it would have been. So the next step it to put what I have learnt and discovered from my research and apply it to my own designs.


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