Sci fi posters and books

The brief is to make a book jacket for the following books

Investigating Love: A Scientific and Cultural Exploration

By Jim and Kate Thursday

The brief states that this book is about science and culture behind love. I want to clearly show through the front cover similarly to books I have just researched in my previous post. The first thought that came to me when I read this brief was old sci fi posters from the 50’s and 60’s. The main focus for my is science and that I want to cleverly incorporate love into the design. So to start of the research I collected both posters and books of old science posters, books and sic fi posters.

By reading the brief the first ideas that came to me was Sci fi posters. I though that this might be a really good idea that added a unique twist. So I went onto the internet and started researching the different types of posters and books. The image above is one of the posters that gave me the most inspiration. From doing this research this really helped my designing and divergent thinking process. What I like about this poster especially was the atom diagram as I thought this is a well-known science icon/ symbol,so from this I continued to do further research into vintage science posters to get more inspiration and to help start my designs. I really liked that tea stained effect poster with a simple design in the middle and though I could include the atom symbol that I saw in the previous poster. By looking at posters and designs that interested me really helped kick off my designs and ideas, it really inspired me and after this I started the design process and divergent Thinking. Looking at other people’s designs and styles really seemed to help me.


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