My Sketches


After doing the idea generation the step was to start putting my ideas to paper. My first ideas was to have the atom symbol inside a person’s head like where the brain is which other scientific imagery around it. Another idea was to have an old-looking science poster (Like I looked at in my research), making the atom into a world to represent the cultural side of the book but also combing science with it. Developing this idea further I thought about making the atom and world into a globe. I kept changing and developing these ideas before making them on the computer. However as I got my inspiration from posters rather than books I found it quite hard to make it into a book format and actually look as if was a penguin book. Before creating it in illustrator I needed to know measurements of an actual penguin book so I knew what document size to make. I also needed to look at what variety of text they use on penguin books and what size and colours they are. The next step was to do typography research.


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