First lot of design process

So after the research I started making some of my ideas on the computer. I nearly went through all my sketches to see what they would have looked digitally. So at first I wanted to create the old and stained science post style that I had previously researched. while trying to make the background similar to the posters I discovered that I could have to do tea staining and then scan it in, and then maybe add a texture over the top.

I used tea bags and ground coffee to get the effect I needed. I dipped the tea bag in water then covered the paper with tea from the bag. Then however I though that it needed to be darker so I added coffee over the top. I was happy with this result and so then I scanned it onto the computer then opened it up In Photoshop to add a texture over the top to make it darker and more like the poster I was referring from.

c433110045a19806046a1cc2b2c43c4bThis was the image that I was referring to and what I wanted my book cover to look like.  However to get the background effect I had to add tea stained effects over my own tea stained images.


screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-15-32-44So the image on the left is the texture that I downloaded from the internet and the image on the right is the final version of the combined tea stained pages. As you can see it looks nothing like the original image however I continued with this design to see what the final outcome would be.
This what my representation was of the poster. I didn’t go any further with this design as I didn’t think that it was suitable or fitted the brief as it still looked way too much like a poster. I just really didn’t like this design and thought that it was better to move on and try a new design that might look better. I could always come back to if needs be.

The next design I wanted to keep the symbols but have a different style and layout. So I went completely different way and went with a blue and black colour scheme.

These two images were the next designs I made. I still didn’t think it was the right design however it was an improvement to the previous one. I was so concentrated on incorporating culture, love and science that it was stopping the creativity and making the design less effective.  So I went on and developed it even further which even though looked a lot better I just still didn’t like it.

screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-15-47-35This is the last design for this process. I still didn’t like it as I didn’t think the colours worked well or the layout, to me it just didn’t look like a book. So I came away from the designing and went back to research to get more ideas and inspiration for layout and possible text.


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