Divergent thinking

img_9583The next step was divergent to get all my research and start creating ideas. This more like a brain storm however after this I continued and did a page of divergent thinking, however I’ve seemed to have lost the page. On this page I put the book name in the middle and staring adding ideas all around it. I wanted to make the cover unique but at the same time keep the design to the brief. Originally I wanted to do a big illustration like a ski fi poster or book however in the design process and due to more research I discovered that this idea wasn’t going to work. I wanted the original to look old and include since symbols. However as well as the front cover design I needed to think about the spine and the back page. I also need my design to be compatible with a book net and layout and basically look like a penguin and the ski fi style just would achieve this. Whatever my design looked like it needed to follow the brief and actually link to the book title. So after completing this I then moved on to doing sketches from the ideas from this brain storm and the divergent thinking.


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