Digital Mockups


After creating a physical mockup using printed pages I decided it would be a good idea to create a digital version of my mock-ups in Photoshop. Originally I was going to use vanishing point however that didn’t seem to work as I couldn’t get the image of my designs to bend as the book did. The solution to this was to download a free template off the internet with helped me to make more accurate. So to download the template we went to this website : which we then downloaded and opened up in photoshop where we then opened up the pages I wanted for each page.

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-14-07-21So for the front cover I opened the downloaded file and in the layers pallet I selected the ‘Your design’ folder which is where I pasted my front cover design. The next step was to choose what mock-up I wanted to chose from the ones given from the download. For the front cover I chose Mockup 1 and you can see from the image below, that is what the front cover looked like. The template gave the front cover an added shine, similar to a real magazine , gave it that really 3D effect and it was the correct zine without stretching the original image.





Once finishing the front cover mock-up, I then moved on to creating the double page spread mock up as I have had trouble in the past making digital mock ups like this. So For this I chose mock up 5 as this clearly shows off my double page spread as if it was real. This ideally shows what my designs would look like if they were to be printed into a creative review. The image below shows what it looks like.

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-10-10-00So here you can see what the final double page spread mock-up looks like. Although this is the best attempt yet, somehow the pages didn’t fit perfectly and the border around the edge is a bit wonky. This goes for the previous mock up swell, but to get the image to appear  on the pages  you first  screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-16-07-18must open the certain mock-up you want to use and go down to the design folder and copy and paste the imagery you want to use. To then get it to appear on the magazine you must hold down the alt button till an icon comes up that has a small arrow with a small square then click it and it will appear on the template. To then adjust the image to make it fit the page press cmd, alt, T.

Overall this task has really helped with my Photoshop skills while at the same time it has shown me what my designs would look like if they were to be published into a magazine. It is good to show both digital and non-digital mock ups as it shows that you can do both plus this could widen my portfolio as it will show future employers what I’m capable of and how I can link my projects back to the brief.



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