How I aimed this project at my target audience

My target audience for the creative review front cover and double page spread are aimed at the readers people who are subscribed the creative review. These people will generally be artistic or interested in art and design, photography or maybe even fashion. However mod fans may also be interested in this one-off piece about the mods so the information on the inside needed to be 100% correct and the image I portrayed as a mod needed to be as accurate as possible. So to be able to target them and get them interested I knew that the front cover need to be eye-catching and different will the double page spread needed to have enough information but more visuals as I think that’s what gets people’s attention. I wanted the front cover to have a strap line or catch phrase on the front as from my research (watching Quadrophenia) they sing a little song along the sea front “We are the mods” this also because I think it said in the brief to add some kind of phrase (Im not sure) so I’ve also related this back to the brief. I also wanted the front cover to be bright including the target colours blue, red and white. I wanted it to be eye catching and bold and something new that people wouldn’t associate with the mods (however they can clearly see what subculture it is). The inside is nearly as important as you really want to keep the reader’s attention through the the whole article and double page spread. I decided that writing only on one page would be more appealing and less daunting for the audience. I have included illustration , photography and it even talks about fashion from that era which mean my designs target and attracts a much bigger and a wider variety audience. I wanted my design to target a varied audience and I think I have been successful in creating that by using a wide range of different techniques I have been able to achieve this goal and targetĀ multiple audiences.


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