Front cover in Indesign

Here is where I took my design from illustrator and reopened and placed it into Indesign. I made the document to the exact size of a real creative review, however I realised halfway through making my front cover was that I hadn’t added margins to match the original creative review. So to go back and add in the margins I went to layout at the top bar and then selected margins and column then I was able to add the columns and margins to the correct size. The top margin was 17mm ,the bottom was 15.5 mm and so were the inside and outside margins. I also added to new pages to start off the double page spread.While recasting the front cover I also realised that I had missed something off the logo as the original has information about the magazine above it.

My Logo

The information I pit above the logo was the same of this curtain creative review, as a class we decided to call it ‘The Style Annual’.The font for the ‘The Style Annual’ was Ariel Bold as it was the font that looked the most similar to the original font on the front cover. The rest of the text over the logo is ‘Hoefler Text’ as looked as if it was the original font and the thinnest of the font worked well as it didn’t make the whole thing look cluttered.




The original

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