Making of the Mod

screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-18-16-14So to start of my front cover I started experimenting with illustration of a Mod with his scooter. This image is from the film Quadrophenia. The reason I chose this image is because I really like the pose he is in with his bike and his clothes represent a classic mod.  The colours work really well with the subculture so I thought this would be a good image to referenced from.




So here you can see that I have used the image as a kind of template and started to trace around him. I really wanted to include the colours from the RAF target however the original colours seemed quite harsh and bold where as I wanted to use more pastel and lighter version of the original colours. I decided that everything in the illustration will be either red, white or blue apart from the parka that will remain green as it’s an iconic piece of the mod culture and if I change the colour I’m not sure people who recognise what it is. As I started to trace around the character for the parka in the style that I looked at in my research, I realised that it just looked like a green blob and you couldn’t make out what it was so I added show shadowing to define aspects of the coat and it started to take shape as you can see from the images above. The tools I used to make the coat was the pen and pencil tool in Illustrator. For the main body of the coat I used the pen tool as it gave a steady, accurate line that clearly defined the shape of the coat however to add the darker patches and shadowing on the coat I used the pencil tool as it’s like drawing free hand and as the most of the darker shapes were more curvy and difficult to draw with the pen tool. After the coat I decided to work on the shirt, using the same tools and technique. The problem I had with the shirt was creating the collar which was also the same colour as the main body of the shirt meaning it was very hard to define the two. The way I solved this was by making the collar a slightly darker colour to the rest of the shirt, subtly creating a contrast between the two.

Next I started working on the face and legs. When it came to the face I wasn’t sure whether to have facial expressions or not. I went with the decision of having a limited colour palette with so fine detail on the face or body. So with the face and hair I chose the colour blue as its part of the target and it worked well as I hadn’t used that colour yet in the illustration. I went around the face and hair with the pencil tool including the ears. However like I experienced with the parka coat, the face just looked like a blue circle and it wasn’t quite defined enough for people to see what it was, so I used shadowing again around the chin so help show clearly what it was. After that I started working on the jeans. I wanted the blue of the jeans to be the same colour as the face, as I wanted to include continuity in the design. The bottom of the jeans is a turn up which is a different colour to the main part of the jeans, so I decided to use the colour white to show contrast and also to make it clear the fold at the bottom of the jeans.

The next step was to add the shoes. Again using the same tools (pen and pencil tool) I was able to draw around the boot. The boot was originally a brown colour and I though that the closest colour to it was red plus there was too much blue and the composition worked well. The overall decision was that all skin would be blue as it would be weird all parts of the body being different colours. I didn’t want to put too much detail into the hand as I though it might over complicate it plus this part of the image is so small it wouldn’t be noticeable. I took away the primary image to keep an eye on the progress of the illustration  and what parts I need to work on.

These are the final stages of the illustration, once the man was finished it was time to start working on the bike. The bike was harder to make than I originally thought, the bike had weird shape panels within the bike. I added shedding within the bike as well by using darker colours of the original colours. Overall I’m really happy with how the illustration came out, it looks similar to a poster that I used for inspiration and I think it will work really well on the front cover of my creative review. I intend to continue the colour pallet on the rest of the front cover and continue it into the double page spread. The next step is to experiment with layout and design and try to work this illustration into a front cover which works with this illustration plus I want it to be clear that it’s about the mods.


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