Front cover Process

To begin the front cover design, I had to decide what style I was going for. So I thought I should do some experiments with texture to see how they work out. As you can see from the image above I added a distressed texture to see how it worked out. I really liked it so I went on to start placing it in a document to get the front cover started.

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-16-25-39So here is the first mock-up of the front cover. I know that the document size isn’t correct however this was just an experiment to see how this design worked out. Initially I was going to use a different font that I downloaded off the internet.

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-16-17-16This font was the original font I was going to use however I thought it looked too much like hippies even though they were from the same era. The reason why I changed the font was because the look I was going for was distressed and aged where this font didn’t resemble that. The inspiration for the current font was from an image I had seen on the internet. It was a mod banner saying “Join the mods”, in exactly the same font as used in the poster above. This again was downloaded from the internet. I really struggled with the placement of the font: I tried it at the top, at the bottom, half at the top and half at the bottom, whatever I did it didn’t seem to work. As the font used looked worn and distressed it made the illustration standout and it seemed not to fit the design. I thought that if I made the image look warn and scratched so I went on art brushes in Illustrator and chose a thick but light brush stroke that with the right colour gave the image that distressed look I was after. However I think with this example I went a bit over board with the brush stroke and it needed reducing a bit.

I did some more developing and experimenting and this was my final outcome. I did some more research and I saw this us government poster that used block colour at the top and bottom of the page and I thought that might work well with my design and are enough it did. I made a new document to the correct size and started to recreate the front cover. With the block colour at the top, it needed to match the rest of the design so I added the brush stroke where the colour met the white. This then linked to the font and the main image. With the placement of the text I decided to make it smaller and fit it all at the top above the design as it worked better and it allowed me to fit the creative review logo underneath. I also had to make the creative review logo which I did in Photoshop. I removed the background and saved it as a PNG meaning it will have no background when open in other software for example Illustrator or Indesign. Over all I’m happy with how my front cover has turned out and its good to see the progression its made from seeing the original poster idea. The next step is to recreate this in indesign and start on the double page spread. What I like about my design is that you can see that this is about the mods however it’s not a typical style that the mods would have used or has been used today.


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