Sketches and Idea generation For Front cover

img_9539So to start with the idea stage I decided it would be a good idea to start by doing a page of idea generation, this would help develop any existing ideas I already had in my head, make new ideas by previous ideas and just help leave old ideas and start a fresh. This really helped the begging process and this led to thumbnail sketches.

So these images above so some ideas I began to play around with. At first I wanted to use the target however my research showed that lots of mod design included the target as it’s a man part of that subculture however I wanted my front cover to be quite different but you can still tell it’s about the mods. Other ideas I had were illustrations of mods but with the colour scheme of red white and blue (apart from the green parka, collage is another technique I considers and drew a sketch of, and my last Idea was possibly a seaside theme linking back to the mod and rocker riots at Brighton etc. After completing these thumbnail sketches I developed two ideas further so see what the design might look like.

So here are two designs that I developed further, I forgot to add the creative review logo, however that logo has changed so I will need to work my design around that however this is only the sketching stage. The design on the left is my favourite as I took inspiration of a price of art work form an earlier post. I love how it keeps a sixties feel to the page but at the same time you can still see that the subculture is the mods. I wanted to have like a chant behind the illustration like one the sang on the Brighton beach (Saw that from watching Quadrophenia) “WE ARE THE MODS, WE ARE THE MODS, WE ARE, WE ARE MODS”. This could possibly be the text for behind the design. The Brief also states that there needs to be some sort of catch line or phrase to go with the logo so that is something to consider when choosing my favourites design. The design on the right is a record which I though could be made into a target but the record could be music form a mod band such as ‘The Who’. Obviously all the designs will change through the making process and it depends which design I go for.


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