Mods and Semiotics

The RAF Target is a semiotic symbol that represented the mod culture, this symbol would be displayed in their fashion (coats, parka’s), it would be on their scooters to show that they were part of the mod culture and it was also shown in the music they listened to like for example ‘the who’, who became a well established mod band. The target was shown on their album covers as well as posters and many other forms of merchandise.

71wx3sdtbel-_sy355_ This target that became symbolic to the mod culture was originally Royal Air Force (RAF) logo. The reason why this became recognisable with the mods is that the green parka’s belonged to RAF soldiers and members of the army. After the war had finished the miliary started selling parka’s and due to a mix of originality, cheapness and broad availability from army surplus stores, the mods decided to make this military uniform apart of their subculture.

The colours used in the target are very calm and neutral it can also seem quite patriotic due to it having the same colours of the English Flag. Moving away from the patriotcness, the colours in the target could relate to the subculture even further. The blue in the target could give them a slick a modern feel to the subculture, also adding the calm aspect into it. Red however is a semiotic of anger, danger , warning  and passion. This could symbolise the rivalry between the mods and rockers. Another semiotics of the mods is the Vespa’s (Scooters) with the many mirrors, this alongside the target are the two main semiotics of the mod culture.


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