Looking at Mod posters for inspiration

To help me with ideas for the front cover of my creative review, I decided to do some more research on posters that I found that have inspired me for my own designs. Below I will insert the images I have found from the internet and talk about what I like about them.

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-10-52-34What I liked about this poster was the link it had to music. The mods were heavily influenced by music and it was a big part of their subculture. The record featured in the middle of the poster includes the target which was associated with the mods. It also includes the colours red, white and blue which we the colours included with in the target and again recognised by mods. This poster isn’t necessarily about the mods however the music its advertising is R’N’B which is what the mods used to listen to. I also really like the layout of the poster with over half of the page covered with images and illustrations and the lower half with writing and info at the bottom.


screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-10-51-49This poster caught my eye as it reminded me of Saul Bass’s work. This isn’t the kind of style I was planning on going for. However I was purely looking at this design for the layout and the colours. I don’t think that this is a very good example of mods poster however I thought it would be good to compare different posters to see what influences and inspires me the most. This poster also includes textures which I could consider using on the front cover. By looking at this poster it has helped me decide what I don’t want my poster to look like and what I should do to ensure it looks it’s best.




14351838505_1bfdb751c7_bThis image is one of my favourites as it has a real sixties feel to it  but still including that mod aspect. This image I found from google images which was a graffiti painting. What I really like about this image is the fonts behind the character as these fonts you wouldn’t usually associate with the mod culture, it is as if the fonts go through time (showing different styles). I really like this style and designed I intend to use this image as reference and use it for inspiration for the front cover of the double page spread. The limited colour palette and the lack of fine detail really appeals to my style of design and I think this style could really work well for a front cover and for the subculture. After seeing this design I decided I would research some more and on Flickr I found a really good double page spread about the Mods, the image will feature below.


I really liked the layout of this double page spread, as it is more visual with less text which is what I want my double page spread to look like. I really like the RAF target on the right hand side with half of it showing from the corner. The font also works really well with the 3-D double layer effect. The circles down the middle work really well and are a good combination with the target. When sketching my ideas I will refer back to this design and it will help with page layout.


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