Watching Quadrophenia

I thought it might be a good idea to do some research that wasn’t through text or the internet. As my subculture is Mods, my dad informed me that there is a film about the mods made by the band called ‘The Who’. This bad were an original band that the mods would have listen too in the sixties. They called the film Quadrophenia. While watching the film it never explained why the film was called that, so I went on the internet and it said the reason why it was called ‘Quadrophenia’ is because the main character in the film suffers with schizophrenia meaning he had 4 different personalities. However, these four different personalities represented a member from the band (the who), so that’s why quad is the beginning word and the “phenia’ is to show that the main character had schizophrenia.

By watching this film, it gave me an insight into what it was like to be a mod and how they acted as a part of society. They were rebelling again their parents who were still acting as if they were still in the war, they wanted to be different and hoped for a better future. I could see the clear hate between the mods and rockers, they used to beat each other up in the street for no reason (both usually high on drugs). This film also showed the riots on the beach in Brighton where many of the mods got arrested. I got to see what clothes they wore like the men wearing Italian tailored suits, with a green parka to make sure they didn’t get dirty on their scooters. In one part of the film the main characters Vespa got destroyed and it was his life, his identity and he has heart-broken. The girls had short hair and had lots of make up on with extremely long eyelashes. The clothes they wore weren’t outrageous, they usually wore mini shirts or dresses with knee-length boots and sometimes a long coat over the top. While researching on the internet about the mods it says that they were not that heavily influenced by drugs, however in this film all they do is take drugs so I’m not too sure how accurate the film is. Over all watching Quadrophenia really helped with the subcultures project as it has given me an insight into what they were into to, what they did when they went out and what they acted like in society around other people. I’ve seen the style they liked and what they aspired to be like, so this have given me ideas on what might be suitable for a creative review front cover.


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