Mods video on moodle

Notes from the mods video on moodle:

  • Easter bank holiday Clapton
  • Took media by surprise
  • Several young people lose at a weekend
  • committed several offences and did damage costing up to £200
  •  What caused the fighting?  Boredom
  • Both as bad as each other
  • Brighton fights got much wider coverage of the media e.g tv and newspapers
  • Social reaction – saw different worlds, different parts of society same this mods and rockers story completely differently
  • Media coverage was a crucial link between the different worlds in society
  • The press exaggerated the scale of the disturbance and how much damage was actually caused
  • The media kept the panic going with in society by releasing stories in the newspaper, radio and tv but exaggerated and amplified to great extent. Filling people full of fear causing a moral panic.



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