Friday 06.01.17

Define what you understand by these words:     


  1. Professionalism: To me Professionalism is being able to do a skill or practise at a high (professional) level. This could also mean showing a high standard in the work place, having a good reputation and doing well at your job showing “professionalism”.
  2. Professional Practise: To me professional practise would be the knowledge a person or student has learnt to have secured the job or title they currently have. I would most likely link this to a medical practise like a doctor or a nurse. However, I suppose think this linked to any profession.
  3. Expertise: I think expertise means having knowledge or a skill in a curtain field of work or activity (sport). For example, you could be an expertise in marketing due to being in the job for many years and have had lots of experience.
  4. Sustainability: It could mean one or two things. In a graphic design sense, it could be considering different ways your product may be altered to make it more environmentally friendly, making your product and company more sustainable. Other things to consider would be have you used recycled products, can it be reused or recycled, will the making of the product effect the environment etc.
  5. Socially Responsible: In a graphic design sense, being socially responsible would mean making sure the choices you make won’t affect your name as a designer. For example, doing work for a company might seem as offensive could damage your reputation, another example would be being aware of the environment when creating or designing ideas.
  6. Social Awareness: I think Social awareness means being interested and aware of what events and problems that are going on in the world. By being aware it may make your designs and ideas more appealing and linked with society. Be being more socially aware, you are more likely to be more socially responsible.
  7. Social Innovation: I’m not 100% sure about this one however I know that Innovation means making changes for a current or new product so I’m guessing the social innovation means changing ideas or product to suit or improve society’s needs.
  8. Design Activism: Well again I know that activism is to do with political campaigns so maybe design activism is to do with propaganda and designing advertisement for political change (I’m not too sure).



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