Photoshop Lesson


In Tim’s lesson we did a basic tutorial in Photoshop which we then opened up in Indesign and use the previous techniques we learnt in the last tutorial we did with Tim. The aim of the tutorial was to make a magazine front cover, this is to help us with our subcultures  project with creating a double page spread and a front cover. We started off by downloading the background images off of moodle and opened it in photoshop. the next step was to cut around the person with the pen tool. I found the pen tool in photoshop much harder to use then the pen tool in illustrator, there was less freedom with the pen tool and it was quite hard to follow the outline of the man in the image.Once we had cut the man out of the image, the next step was to place him on the document with a coloured background that suited the style of the photograph. I went with a charcoal grey colour as the photo was taken in black and white so I thought this would be a more suitable style.

Once I had finished with the placing and background colours, the next step was the layout of the text and the possible add of colour. Looking into magazine layout in previous years with Alan, some well-know/ popular magazines can have the main image on the front page slightly overlap the name of the magazine or the title as they as so well-known or famous that everyone knows who they are so it doesn’t matter. I played around with the image overlapping some of the text and went with only a small percentage of the text covered so the text is still readable. When I was adding the text in , I decided that the whole page looked too dull and boring and I decided that it needed to add a bit of colour into it. I made the title a subtle orange colour which lifted the whole design. Once I was happy with how my design looked, I saved it and opened it up in Indesign where we added margins and the bleed. Indesign helps with page layout however sometimes its better to make the design in photoshop then transfer it over into indesign. By doing this tutorial as a group I learnt many new techniques in photoshop and shortcuts that will help me with future projects and help speed them up.


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