Creative Review research

As are project is about making a double page spread and a front cover for the Creative review, I thought it would be a good idea to look at some existing creative reviews. I wanted to look at the measurements of the magazine, placing of text and images, existing front cover designs and the fonts they use. I’ve looked at 3 creative review magazines that are the new style from 2016. Compared to the old design, the new style is very different, its more up to date with a more modern feel. The main focus of this research was to get the measurements so I can set up my documents exactly the same as an actual creative review magazine. The measurements from a creative review page (around the edges):

  • From top = 1.7cm
  • Bottom = 1.5 cm
  • side edge= 1.5cm
  • Length = 24.5 cm
  • width= 24.7cm

After looking through the creative reviews, I’ve taken inspiration for the layout of my double page spread. Some pages had more pictures and less writing or just used bigger text or font. I think the layout really depends on what the subculture is and the design your going for.  There are some pages where one photo takes up a whole page and the is one title on it. Layout also includes a good colour scheme that works well with the layout and over all design. Lots of the writing in the magazine is in columns which makes the page look clear and neat and doesn’t distract the audience away from the over all design. I’ve got to make a realistic approach to this project and know what I’m able to achieve in the time that I have. The magazine includes illustrations, photographs drawings etc, so this gives me quite a lot of options. By researching and looking through previous creative reviews it’s helped me have an idea on what I  have to achieve and possible layouts I could use. It has also given me the correct measurements for the document. dsc_0097dsc_0098dsc_0100dsc_0101dsc_0103dsc_0105


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