InDesign lesson 2.12.16

In Tim’s Lesson we started to do to a tutorial on using different features in indesign. The main focus was to create a double page spread in Indesign and play around with text and images.

The first step was to make an Indesign document with three columns. I then made a further two pages on the pages tabs on the right. This is the exact layout I will need to use to create my creative review double page spread. We added columns to help with text placement and the layout for the double page spread, including images.

I chose a basic headline to go with the double page spread. As you can see from the bottom left picture the clear layout of the magazine double page spread. When Planning where text will be placed on a page, you can use text boxes where you want text to be and fill it with “placeholder text”, it’s not the real article it’s just random words (latin) that fill in space that will be taken with text to help to place the designs on the pages.

I stated to play around with the text boxes and the place holder technique and uses the rows as guides, however I also started to experiment with the spacing and size of the font.  By going on the character tool you can change many aspects of they font in the text boxes. You can change the baseline, leading and tilting the letters.

The next step was to start placing more text in columns along the bottom of the page by using the place holder text tool. Another skill we learnt is when making a new text box and you want to continue the previous text onto a page/ paragraph there is a technique where you copy and paste the text back into the original text box and a small red box should appear and if you click I will automatically allow you to make a new text box , which when made will continue the text over.Example from the picture above.

These final steps show pictures of colour, images and final text being added to the double page spread. By using text wrap it allowed the text to move around the image of the New York skyline, by using the pen tool.  After that we made the beginning letter of the first paragraph.

Over all this was very helpful as it has given me an insight into how to make my double page spread for the creative review and will help me with techniques and design.


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