Tuesday 6.12.16

Aim: To explore subcultures or visual communication.


  • Definitions
  • what causes a subcultures
  • incorporation – into mainstream culture
  • Folk devils and moral panics
  • Homology
  • Identity and revival

[Showing we can get into other people’s skin]

Semiotics – need to show a use of this on the front cover of the creative review.

Signifying practices – Visual Thinking Strategies  VTS

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 11.03.38.png

What is going on?

What do you see that makes you think that?

What more can we find?

  • Look smart
  • all look the same
  • hair style similar
  • Looks like there in a diner
  • You tell this as there is a women who looks like she is working and wearing a uniform
  • you can see tables and chairs
  • Mirror behind them Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 11.21.48.png
  • Sitting on the floor
  • outside
  • nature
  • natural clothing
  • could be at a protest
  • might be camping as you can see the cup on the bottom lefty of the photo
  • acoustic guitar

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 11.32.33.png

  • wearing all black
  • leather jackets
  • Black boots
  • Could be a rock band or a gang
  • live a rough part of the country
  • Can tell this from the background of rouble and wire
  • Factory wall behind them


  • All wearing the same coats
  • looks like they are by the sea
  • same fashion stye, coats, glasses,hair
  • I recognise the place ( I Think its Brighton)
  • riding together like a gang

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