Fruit Factory and Semiotics

From learning about what semiotics are and how we use them in design, I wanted to talk about how I could use them in my fruit factory project. Semiotics are images or icons that can help give off messages and ideas without using words. For example if you saw a picture or drawing of an apple, what ideas and messages would you get from it? So to relate this to the fruit factory project, I thought about the language barrier between factory workers and staff so by using icons and symbols would be a better way of targeting the audience. In my design for the fruit factory I haven’t used any words to show the process of the fruit getting to the factory. The only words I have included the poster is the slogan “Haste not waste” which can be translated into many different languages for the factory staff. My design is a basically a diagram of the fruits journey/ process using icons / symbols and illustration to get my message across without words. These icons are in some way semiotics as it is how the audience interoperate the use of text. My poster design for the fruit factory as a whole is a symbol of semiotics.Thinking how the factory could use semiotics with the workers they could give them badges to reward them for reducing waste. This badge would go on their uniform, would show the rest of the employees their achievement. It’s a semiotic of waste reduction and achievement.


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