Vanishing Point In Photoshop

To help with mocking up our designs on the fruit factory, we were given a tutorial on how to place a design or image on a wall to make it look realistic and give the client an idea on what it might look like. Although is this helpful for this project, it will be useful for many other projects in the long run.

So the first step was to open up an image of a wall in Photoshop, then open a design or photograph on to the same document however on a operate layer to the wall. The next step was the select the photo and copy the layer using cmd J and then just copying it and hiding the top photo layer. To find the vanishing point tool you go to the bar at the top then filter then there should be the option ‘vanishing point’. Next, as you can see from the image on the far right you need to click on the dotted square to get the grid which will allow us to pate the copied image onto it, making it accurately pasted on the wall looking realistic. You can move the image around and resize to whatever suits the design.




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