Sketches and ideas

Firstly I started to help generated ideas with a brain storm, I wanted to give myself a wide range to experiment with. My sketches are below:

img_9401img_9402img_9403img_9404My first sketch was based on a cycle and it going round it a circle, I really liked this idea and experimented with this idea and combined it with our groups message and idea. I was worried that the design might look cluttered and to messy and wasn’t sure if the workers would understand the idea, so I tried a new idea. I went on to a storyboard idea where I could go into more detail and try to get the message across. However when I got round to drawing it I wasn’t so convinced that  it worked, I wanted to try to make both ideas to show the journey of which the fruit takes to get to the fruit factory. The next step I think I will take is to make a digital mock-up of these sketches and see how they look. If they don’t look like I wanted them too I will develop the more and go back to doing more sketches.


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