Inspiration and research for the fruit factory

Now we have split off individually, I decided to do bit of research into infographics as I thought this might be an easy and clear way to address the workers at the fruit factory. “Information graphics or ideographic are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly”. -

So I went on to google images to give me an idea on what effect infographics look like and how they have been laid out. All the examples have chosen are all related to food waste.

What I liked about these is the colour schemes and the style of the illustrations. However after researching many infographic posters, I noticed that they all have a lot of text on it which is not great as the client wanted limited text on the campaign as many of the workers can’t speak english. I intend to use these images and research to refer back to and to help develop my ideas. I think using an infographic style for my poster is a good idea as I think its very visual which applies to the clients need plus it relates to the brief. This style is easier to achieve the limited text as its replaced by images and diagrams. I want to make sure that the message of the campaign is clear and is able to target the right audience. The message of the campaign is the most important as this is what will make the workers change their attitude and help reduce the waste that the factory is producing. To help reduce the waste the message we came up with all together was to make the workers have worth and feel like they are an important part of the fruits process and company. The next step is to do some sketches from the research I have gathered and see which looks the best.




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