Existing Campaigns

To help me with my fruit factory campaign, I decided to look at existing campaigns to help with my ideas and designs. I went on google images to find some images.

These  three posters really grabbed my attention as they were all about fruit waste which was relative to my project. The posters were about not wasting fruit just because of its shape or the way it looks .This linked to the fruit factory project as this was one of the main causes of fruit waste. What I liked about these three posters is how they all link and continue the same design and layout on all three posters, showing consistency and flow throughout the campaign. The coloured texted matched the colour of the individual fruit which helped with the fluidity of the posters. This is a good idea however it wounding help with this project as it has too much writing for the target audience who speak limited english.

Above are more campaign ideas that I got from Pinterest. Two are related to fruit and waste and one was one the waste of water to help the environment. The one I like the most is the poster with the orange on it. The points it makes and the message it portrays links very well to the clients needs. By doing this research it has helped me consider ideas for my campaign and how composition and colour are very important when trying to convay a message or information.


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