Pw: Group work 8.11.16

In our groups we started to work on our ideas by doing more brain storms and using Fridays ideas. We decided as a group to go with the idea of showing the long process/ journey the fruit has to go through before reaching the factory, to make the workers more aware. The platform we have decided to use is animation as we wanted to make our idea different and more appealing to the factory workers . Below are images from Tuesdays lesson:


In Fridays lesson we started to mock-up scenes from our animation ideas. The message was more focused on the journey of fruit and the process. The idea of the animation was to make the workers feel important and part of the fruits process. We didn’t want the animation to have a negative effect on the workers so the client wanted the design to have a light-hearted message that’s directly aimed at the fruit factory workers that gives them a sense of importance. The cartoon was a way to make the workers aware of the amount of fruit wasted and how they can make a change.


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