Presenting our ideas to the Fruit Factory


On Monday morning we were expected to present our groups ideas and plans to the people who run the fruit factory and have asked us to make this campaign. One by one each group went up to present, every groups ideas were in-depth and were all relatively different which gave the clients a variety of ideas. My groups presentation went well and the client was interested in our ideas and the message of the campaign.  Once we had all presented Sancha gave us feedback that the client gave her about our work. I took down notes that the clients gave us.

  • Every group had valuable ideas and information
  • We are no longer working in a group but we are sticking to our groups theme and message.
  • We will receive photos of the canteen area at the fruit factory so we can mock-up some poster ideas in Photoshop.
  • We don’t think we can put posters or vinyl stickers on walls in areas where food is prepped due to hygiene reasons.
  • Something to consider when designing: everything in the factory is dismounted and cleaned every night.
  • The client is very interested in the idea of the journey of the fruit and the value of his workers.
  • Didn’t want to make it too personal to the workers
  • Liked the wall of fame from another groups presentation

The due date for this project is 2 weeks from today (28th November 2016),  one presentation per person (in a PechaKucha style). Roughly 10 slides per presentation.

  • The design will need to be a PDF showing my designs and maybe some notes about it on the PDF as well.


Things to remember :

Always on transformation and the emerging future.

Things the client wanted us to consider:

  • Keep it funny and light-hearted
  • Showing apparition to the workers and staff.

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