London Trip to The Wildlife photographer of the year

On Monday the 7th of November we went up to the Natural History Museum in London to see Wildlife photographer of the year.


Here we saw many amazing photographs, some taken by 14 year olds which were incredible. The whole exhibition was enjoyable and very interesting. Each photo that was in the exhibition was either a finalist or a winner. The way that the photographs were presented on a screen rather than paper gave the photograph a glowing feeling like you were in the photo. Touches like that is what made the exhibition stand out. What I also liked about it was seeing the vast amount of countries that people had travelled to, where they saw very interesting animals. On the Lightbox / screen was the image at the top with at the bottom the name of the photographer, what country the photographer came from, which category it had been put into, where in the world had the photo been taken, what camera and equipment had been used and some information about the photo and the photographer. All photos shown in the exhibition were presented like this. To get the public more involved they set up this link that you could log onto with the museums wi-fi, in doing so when reaching each photo, underneath it was a 4 digit code that you typed onto the web page and it directed you to an online profile of each photograph, giving you all the important information and allowing you to zoom in on the photo. I found this very helpful as I was able to zoom in on information that I found too small to read or that I wanted to read again, plus you can keep going back to the page whenever you wanted. One part of the exhibition was about how global warming and us a people polluting the earth has many serious effects on animals and our environment. This part of the exhibition I found quite powerful and shocking. At the back of my mind I knew that our pollution has many effects on animals however I’ve never seen photographic evidence and it just really shocked me. Seeing whales getting caught in fishing nets, orangutans lose their homes to forest fires,  monkeys being captured and made to dance and act for our entertainment and so many more horrific scenes. Even though all the photos were amazing, however the impact on the environment and animals section really stood out the most for me as there seemed to be a message behind them and purpose. Even though there were some amazing photo taken from across the globe, there were some incredible ones that were taken in the uk such as the “Nosy neighbour” taken in Bristol (fox on the wall photograph) which is the front image of the exhibition this year,  “A sporting shot” taken in Scotland (rabbits in the snow) and many more. Over all I really enjoyed the museum exhibition, I’ve been once before and loved it the first time and this time I wasn’t disappointed. The exhibition showed many faces of nature through photography, from flowers and plants to animals and insects, I enjoyed the whole thing and would love to go again next year.



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