Early PW ideas and “Good Kitchen” Case Study

The day started off of being put into group with mixed years, for example some HND Yr 1, HND Yr 2 and a few BA’s. In these groups at least one of them went to the fruit factory to see it first had. These people became the group leaders and gave feedback to the rest of the group the share their experience and photos they took. We discussed as one big group what they learnt and watched the presentation the owner of the company gave to them. A few facts that I learnt from the presentation was that they workers at the fruit factory work 8 hour shifts where they can’t move station/ job. Many of the employees are foreign and come from various parts of Europe and further and so can’t speak English, so any design chosen shouldn’t have much writing (more like an infographic). We also discussed that maybe print isn’t the best platform for our audience, we talked about maybe using a more visual front by making an animation to grab the attention of the factory workers as there are screens around the factory. However my group thought that it would be good to have no audio as the factory is quite loud and people won’t hear it over the machines plus the same music repeated over and over again might drive them mad. Whatever the design is , it needs to be motivating for the employees. As a HND 1 I will be marked on the visual communication module and other years will be marked on something else. After the presentation we then watched a video called “Design thinking schedule” video. It was basically showing you a process in how to improve a current business and its needs. The chart stated  What is  – What if-  What wows – What works. What is , is knowing whats happening now and why it isn’t working and why it needs improving. What if , is going through new ideas and thinking of new possible solutions to help improve and mend the problem in the business (idea generation). What wows, is testing the new ideas on the target audience to see how they react and how it works rather than going straight into development. Visualisation is an effective way to convey your ideas your audience as it is easy on the eye due to the lack of text and more visual techniques. What works, is seeing the development of the business/idea and how this process has helped you achieve your goal (reflective thinking). Another thing I learnt from this video is that sometimes with redesigning that you might have to go on and beyond your job to make effective and noticeable changes to the company.


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