Reading Week Task: 10 top tips

10 Top Tips to be a Socially Responsible Designer:

  1. Refuse to work on projects that compromise your beliefs. This can effect you graphic design status and future jobs, do always stick up for what you believe in even if does meaning turning down a customer.
  2. Avoid advertising design. This is persuading people to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have. This is not responsible advertising as this means you are aiming at the wrong target audience. This is not good for the economy or your customer it’s all to impress others.
  3. Raising the voices of those who need to be heard above the din. Trying to make yourself heard a notice can be done through socially responsible design and consideration for the environment and clients.
  4. Applying your skills to the wolds ills such as poverty, global warming and over consumption. This is an example of being a responsible designer as you are using your skills to help others to make a change.
  5. Clearly show how to make socially conscious design apart of day-to-day life. It’s all good saying that we must be a socially responsible designer however no tell you how to incorporate this into everyday life, so by doing this it will help a wider variety of people becoming aware about how socially responsible they are.
  6. Decline jobs or projects that you don’t feel 100 per cent confident with or able. This links back to point one however by completing a bit of work for a company that you think is wrong or don’t agree with what they are saying you shouldn’t work for them as in years to come, the works reputation could taint you as a graphic designer and stop you getting work in the future.
  7. Committing to your values. Being able to commit to values is knowing what values drive you and what you are able to sympathise with. Values can be motivated by personal experiences, politics, morals or certain causes that you care about.
  8. Question the effects of your work. Before sending or printing your work you must think what affect your work might have on someone. You have to think could this offend people, be inappropriate and could it make you look bad as a designer. Plus you must consider the environment effect your work could have, such as waste of packing (could use recycled materials).
  9. Authentic engagement with clients and target audience. This team that they talk to their clients and meet their needs and produce an authentic piece of work for that company using socially responsible design.
  10. Socially responsible designers look for more ways to share their work other than through visual aids (compiling work into case studies). This caters for both kinds of people who learn through visual and verbal methods. Applying to a wider target audience.

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