Zine Evaluation

I am pleased with the over all design. I like how I have managed to include various amounts of type with a historical theme (showing the development of type through time, Black Letter, Art Nouveau all are parts of art movements and have historical backgrounds). I also like how colourful it is and how am surprised how I was able to have a different type face for each page. Each page is different and that was what I wanted to achieve, I wanted to have 8 distinctive fonts that were all completely different and that were creative and bot boring. I also thought imagery was an important factor to the zine as I find that text on a page on its own can make the page feel empty and gives it a floating feel to piece. I wanted the art and imagery to link and blend in with the specific type on the page for example the black letter font and the gothic style rose I drew with it. If I was to do this project again there would be a few things I would change as there is always room for improvement, nothing is ever perfect or finished. The page I dislike the most is the shape type fonts as to me it’s not the best I could have possibly done. It wasn’t how I imagined it would have looked however if I had the time to restart the page I would have done. I have learnt that I should have used coloured card rather than using tissue paper. I also feel like the page looks too empty, it needed other stuff around the font, to make the page more interesting.

I  happy with the wide variety of materials I used. I used news papers and magazines, black card, photocopies of books, water-colour and hand illustration. The use of nix media makes the zine more interesting and intriguing to the public and the target audience. Making the zine aesthetically pleasing to catches more people attention and will gain more interesting in you product. If I wanted to improve the materials I used I could have used recycled materials to make the zine environmentally friendly. The strengths of my zine are that it is visually engaging by the use of colour and interesting design.

What I enjoyed about this project was experimenting with all kinds of materials and processes. I loved researching the different styles of typography and what designs would work well together. I also enjoyed watching the Zines develop and watch the experiments take place. I also enjoyed not using technology to make this project as its abled me to explore my creative side and experiment with my drawing and practical skills. Time management was an important factor in the project as the zine had to at least 6 pages but the maximum is 10 pages. I had to manage my time well to make sure I have completed enough pages to a good enough standard. I also need to make time to up load to my blog and continue with the making of the zine.

I think I have designed my zine to work to the brief, as the brief states “This project is about exploring tools, mark-making, typography, illustration and communication”. To complete the brief I have used explored different materials such as paint, collage and illustration. I have used a variety of mark making with the range of materials I used, I have included a piece of typography on every single page and I have communicated typography through art and imagery. To communicate the different types of typography through my zine, as my pages are from an art movement for example art nouveau I have recreated a page in the style of that movement so this helps communicate my ideas visually with out words. Visually the page looks better with out tones of text so to looks better with one single letter in that style and imagery around the outside. This is communication through imagery not words which sometimes can be more powerful than words.

Over all I’m pleased with how my zine turned out, I was able to make a zine that contained an interesting variety of typefaces and represent it in an interesting but creative way.

My final Zine

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