Poster Evaluation

Over all I’m happy with my design. I’m happy with the colours I’ve chosen and I’m happy with the layout of my poster. I like the 1920’s travel poster theme as it link back to Bexhill De La Warr pavilion as it was made in the 1920’s (Art Deco). The font in the building was very art deco and so was the architecture, so I wanted a design that suited and linked to the location. It made sense to continue the theme. If I were to redo my poster I would have taken more pictures of type faces in Bexhill town (Primary research) while on the trip. If I had taken more photos I would have had more choice and more materials to play around with. As I only really took photos of inside the Peter Blake exhibition I only had a few styles of type to play around with while back at home on the computer. I would also maybe play around with borders and colours on my poster. I would experiment with the thickness of the borders and placement to see if it makes the poster look fuller and not so empty.

My poster is a bit different, I decided to go with a digital illustration as I really wanted to follow the travel poster theme. I did some research into travel posters and none of them used photographs as they were made in the 1920’s and it was too expensive to use photographs so they would have been painted. So I took one of my photos that I took while at Bexhill and opened it up in illustrator and drew over them using the pencil tool. The text   is from photographs which I cut out in Photoshop using the magic wand tool. To get that travel poster effect I need to digitally illustrate my poster to give it similarities to the original travel posters. My idea was very unique and most people are using photographs so I’m quite glad that I’ve created an imaginative poster.

The colour scheme was chosen to match the original travel poster colours. The background colours were natural and light as all the main colour is in the main digital art. the colours also match the photo that I took in Bexhill with the eye dropper tool. When I printed the poster for a tester print the colours were a lot darker however still suited the poster. This is why it’s very important to do test prints before handing in. The strengths of my poster are that I have Linked the poster to the era go which the da le warr pravillion as it was made in the 1920’s which is what my posters inspiration came from. Also The digital illustration is a unique Idea that nobody else had done. What I enjoyed about Bexhill was gaining primary research around Bexhill, exploring for different type faces and getting inspiration form Peter Blakes exhibition.I also enjoyed experimenting with type within the poster and trying to find a matching colour scheme.  Time management has always failed me in the past due to other distractions and hobbs I do outside of collage, however this time as we have two projects working a long side each other I knew time management was going to key to finishing this project and doing it well. As the hand in date for the poster was due in first I focused on finishing the poster first. I tried to speed my time evenly over the digital work and keeping up with the blogging. This worked effectively as I was able to finish the work well before the hand in and focus on the other project.

The font I have included in my poster is mainly a serif font all different colours. the mix and match fonts go really well with the style and add the unique style and help resemble the sea-side travel poster. Over all I’m happy with how the poster turned out and I’m happy with the style and theme and how the projects links together. Referring back to the brief I think I have completed what the brief has asked of me as it stated that you must contain at least two photos of type that we took from around Bexhill. I have included around 10 images from the trip as I used the Peter Blake alphabet. I also included the required text that had to be put on the text. I fulfilled the brief and added my own spin on it.

My Final Poster

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