My Zine in progress

Here is the process of my zine. As  I had already made a mock-up of what my zine would look like I had an image of what I was going to do and how it was going to look.

First I started with the front cover. I wanted a really simple front cover so I went with a two tone style . I used black and white paper to create this effect. I drew out the letters on paper first so I knew that they were all the same size and that they didn’t look weird on the front cover. I think this design as the front cover was a good idea as it wasn’t too bold and in your face however it wasn’t boring and had a cool and clever design that was still interesting. The hardest part was joining the black and white letters together over the diagonal line across the front, if they didn’t join up it would mess up the whole illusion. The font used on the front was bold however it wasn’t a serif font it was just a clear bold font that was easy to read as you don’t want the front page being muddled and confusing.

The second page was on black letter and I had to draw this by hand using Fine liners. This was very time-consuming and took a lot of concentration however the final outcome was worth it. Once finishing the type face I then discovered that the page looked to boring with just text. So I did some research and in the middle ages most black letter text was accompanied by drawings, so I decided to draw a tudor rose underneath with matched  the black letter font. Over all the page looked very bold and suited the style and era, it is very different form the other fonts in my zine and it has interesting history with I have put on a previous blog post.

img_9236The next page was Art Nouveau. To create this page I went back to my sketch book that I had done sketches over the summer holidays and I had done some water-colour flower drawings. I thought these looked very art nouveau and would look good around some text. The image to the left was my original sketch of the page and how I wanted it to turn out. I found an art nouveau font off the internet and worked it into the design. I also had an idea of spelling out the word Art Nouveau on the page however when it came to making the real zine I ran out of space so the final design turned out a bit different.


The picture above shows the final art nouveau page. I Photocopied the flowers out of my Sketchbook and reduced the size on the photocopier to 75%. I then cut them out and placed them in the corners of page. I then decided that the letter need a border or something around it as it seemed to be floating.

The next two pages were on Punk. As I wasn’t allowed to use the internet for images and words I went down to the LRC where I found a massive book on the punk era. Here I found quotes, images, fonts and information about punk bands like “The Sex Pistols”. I took these designs and created something  of my own using the photocopied typography. The quote that caught my eye the most was “Keep on sniffing you punks” this really captured what the punk stimg_9241yle was. The font used is bold and black very plain and simple, but by being so simple it made it so effective. From researching punk there seems to be no right or wrong way to design merchandise, it seems anything goes which is what I liked about the work, every single piece is different. So over the two pages I put in the centre the quote however the word ‘PUNK” is in capitals and is a lot bigger than the rest of the text as I thought that the emphasis should be on that word plus it made the page look better in design terms. Around the outside of the text I included smaller bits of texts (Quotes) such as “Anarchy in the uk” and “Punks”, however the word punks has been scribbled over the top with pink pen to give a destructive feel to the zine.

The fifth page is a geometric page. This page is where all the text is made up of shapes which I have coloured in using tissue paper. This is my least favourite page in the zine as it didn’t turn out the way I wanted too. My original idea was to layer the bits of tissue paper can cut out the shapes individually. However this didn’t work as when I tried to cut them out they would just rip or fall apart. So the technique I ended up using was covering the drawn shape in glue then place the sheet of tissue paper over the top of the glue and cut around the edge of the shape using a scalpel. I know zine aren’t meant to look neat and perfect however I like my work to be the best it  can possibly be. If I were to do this page again I wouldn’t use tissue paper I would use card or coloured paper.I have done this before with Alan last year on the computer where I had to make my own alphabet out of shapes, so this gave me an advantage. I love the design and the idea behind the design however I feel like I could have done better.




Here is my final zine spread out. My two final pages were spirograph patterns and a collage at the end. The end page is one my favourites. Over all I’m very pleased with how my Zine turned out, I like the range of colour used and the different fonts I have been able to present through my zine. My final evaluation will continue in my next post.


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