My target audience

Poster: My target audience for my poster would be people who have interest in Bexhill so maybe residents or people who have a general interest in the area. It would appeal to these people as it shows the landscape and the typography as wells. My poster also appeals to graphic designers and artists who are more interested in the design layout and creative side of the poster rather than for the facts and information. I also feel like my poster would appeal to the older generation as I have given my poster a 1920’s feel and made it look like an old travel poster which might link back to posters and designers in there childhood or when they were younger. Giving them a link and interesting a variety of ages to my poster. Tourists might also be interested in my poster as they might want to learn more about Bexhill and explore what typefaces have been used throughout Bexhill. By using a variety of techniques and designs I think I have been able to target multiple audiences.

Zine: My zines target audience has to be graphic designers, artists and people who are interested in typography. However as this zine is set in a solar flare maybe it would appeal to wider audience. In this Solar flare all technology has been wiped so if people wanted some form of entertainment or something to read then I guess more people form a variety of age groups would be interested. My Zine includes bright colours and some black and white designs, there is limited text so would be suitable for younger audiences. As my zines main focus was typography then it is going to appeal to graphic designers and artists more as they will know and understand some of the themes I have used.



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