10.10.16 Zine research

A zine  is most commonly a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced by a photocopier. Zines have helped build a  medium of communication in various  subcultures, and  have built an inspiration from a “do-it-yourself”and DIY ethic.

Zine are/ were written in a variety of different formats such as comics, hand written fonts and printing. Topic that were covered by zines were fan fiction, politics, poetry, art and design, ephemera, personal journals, social theory, riot grrrl and intersectional feminism, single-topic obsession and many more. Recently photocopied zines have risen and become popular and have found wide bookstore and have been distributed online. For example  Giant RobotDazed & ConfusedBustBitchCometbusDorisBrainscan, The Miscreant, and Maximum RocknRoll.

For the past few lessons we have been getting on with our two projects, however in one of our lessons we were able to see a real life zine from 1978.

By looking at a real Zine it gave me a good idea on what it should look like and showed me how they were originally laid out. It also helped me discover the colour pallet that they would have used. I like how they used a mixture of hand written text and type writer font. They have used collage, photos drawings etc. I will take this zine as inspiration for my own zine and if I get stuck for ideas I can just refer back to the images of the real zine.


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