Friday 7.10.16

In today’s lecture it was down to us to get on with our two tasks. I took this opportunity to do a test print of my poster both in A3 and A4. I cut them out and placed them on a white background.

img_9199 I really liked how my poster turned out as it suits the time period. I wanted to check what it looked like painted as sometimes the colour changes when printed and it usually looks better digital and on a screen.  I will up load a picture of my poster onto my Instagram page to help build up my portfolio. For final hand in, I will need to print a more professional copy on cartridge paper and send my tutors a digital copy as well to pass the project.


After completing my poster I started to create a mock-up of my zine, planning the design and what words each page will contain. I only managed to do the front and first page as I ran out of time. There isn’t really a theme for my zine however I’ve gone with kind of historical or traditional approach as I’m planning on using different art movements and style from though out time for example: Black Letter, Punk, Art Nouveau, Pop art/ collage, geometric and so on. I think my experience from learning about typography in previous years has really helped me creatively and logically. I wanted each page in My zine even the front and back page. The brief states that there must be some historical evidence about one piece of type from our zine, I’m going to do a blog post about Black letter and a small bit of information about it in the zine. I’ve chosen this font as I think (not too sure) That it was the first typeface to be used on a block printer by a german man (can’t remember his name) I will go into more depth in my blog post. Here some images from my zine mock up. I plan to up date my mock up more and intend to start and finish my zine by the end of next week.

During Friday I was introduced by Tim to a website called were it tests you on placing of type.

Here are some screen shots while playing the game. The idea of the game is to get the letters as accurate to the real thing by eye.You are given a mark out of 10 to show you accuracy. My final score was 84 out of 100. This really helped me realise how important the placing of text is and how much it can affect a piece of artwork/ graphic design.


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