Type Poster development



Here is my first experiment development for my poster. The idea for my walk with type poster was to have a digital collage effect to have the paper tear across the top or bottom of the image with possibly a paper texture onto of the photo.  The photo to the left was my first attempt of experimenting with my idea in Photoshop, however the next step is to create this with the photos. I used an online tutorial to help create this effect, I will add the link down below.



all-layers-poster  With this version I used a completely different method. I took the image I had taken from Bexhill and opened them up in Photoshop. I then went on the internet to find a simple paper tear . I then placed the paper tear on top of the image and merged the two layers together. by making them one image I was then able to use the magic want tool and cut away at the bits I didn’t need. Then I put them together in one document so I could layer them up and get an idea of what it might look like. The next step is to add a paper texture over the top to make it look more like a collage. I also used a YouTube tutorial to make this possible so again, I can’t remember which one it was so I can’t link it on the page.


Here is the background image with the paper texture added over the top. To make this look as realistic as possible I played around with the brightness and contrast to help define the creases in the paper and make the texture more prominent. The next step is to add the font.





screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-15-21-47Here is the poster with the type added. I really like how my poster has developed however I don’t want to make the poster too busy as it will lose it appeal. I still need to add: October 17th 2016                                                                              For further information Please visit our website at http://www.typetours.com






Here is my second poster idea. I thought that my first idea was too crowded and too distracting from the main purpose of the poster. I tried a more simple approach with a single image with a more detailed font from the images I took around Bexhill. I didn’t like how this poster turned out either as I found it disjointed and not really linking to the brief very well, so I ditched this idea and moved on to a new one.





This is my final outcome. I decided that I wanted to go with an 1920’s theme to match the era of the Da la Warr Pavilion. I researched travel posters of that time period and used that as my inspiration. I decided to go in a new direction with a digital illustration and add it to my type poster to help create the 1920’s travel poster. However the brief stated that I must include one or more of my own photos of type taken at Bexhill so I added the previous font I made in Photoshop. For the further information I added an art deco font to match thereat of the poster.  I will add the poster I got for inspiration at the bottom of the page.





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