Layout for my zine and development

From Google Images

To help with further development with my zine,  I wanted to explore the methods in to make the zine. I googled zine layouts and the most popular way is shown in the image to the left. This step by step instructions inspired me to have a go myself and to see if this method would suit my style of zine. The photos below show my process and the begging stages of my zine coming together.


On my first attempt I used a ruler and measure each square individually however I realised afterwards that it would have been much easier to hold it in half and half again. Once I had done that I folded the paper in half once and cut along the bottom of the two middle squares (number 5 & 6). The step is to push the paper together so you get square in the middle, like the end photo on the far right. Then slightly folding them together creates a book like zine.

On the pages I have written what I want to put on each page. So on the first page I want it to be about black letter which I will draw by hand and colour with fine liner. I want to include some history about it as it’s quite interesting. On the second page I want it to look like a punk style art work. I will achieve this by photo copying and drawing. On the third page I want to add some of my water-colour flowers and a few letters in that style. On The fourth page I want to create a college out of magazines and newspapers. On the fifth page I want to create a geometric font by using shapes with block colour and over laying each other. Page six is a complete experiment as I’ve never done this before however I want to create a font using a spirograph pattern. I’ve got no clue what I want on the front and back covers I think more development is needed.

I bought this spirograph kit from Lidl as it was just for an experiment (hence the animal  stencils) I tried experimenting with different stencils to make letters however it didn’t turn out as well as expected. I will keep experimenting and developing .


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