Working with positive and negative space.

These were experiments on how to use abstract letters, negative and positive space. We were given an A2 sheet of tracing paper where we had to draw 20 squares by the size of 75mm x 75mm. img_9127

I used a meter stick to draw and measure the 20 boxes and to get them equal distance from each other. I left 1cm between each square as I didn’t want it to look too cramped.






Here is the finished grid. I found drawing the grid on big scale quite challenging due to lack of space on the table and that fact I am rubbish at drawing straight lines. Even though some of the grid was a bit wonky it still looked neat.







After finishing the grid we were given printed out letters all of the same font but a variety of upper and lower case. We were to trace and the letter in an abstract way to make it more appealing visually (how it was presented on the page). Plus we were asked to play around with positive and negative space which either a black background with white type or a black letter with a white background. We were given indian ink to paint the letters and boxes with. As you can see the image to the left is not completely finished and I do intend on finishing this piece of work.


The following we recreated the alphabet grid however a digital version in Illustrator. This was a much quick method as you could make the grids by typing how many columns and rows you needed. Done in seconds. Once the grid had been created we chose a font type I chose the gill sans font as some of the lower case letters look really interesting like the g. The way to get the same effect as the hand drawn copy we had to use the capping mask tool. The back square need to have no fill or outline stroke and had to be in front of the letter. Once I had placed the letter where I wanted it I selected both objects and pressed cmd, J. This created the same effect and repeated this 20 times. Both techniques are effective, however the digital version took a lot quicker than the first one although I enjoyed painting and using the indian ink as its nice to use different mediums other tan digital.



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